about me

ana bernardes

In 1998 I’ve started dancing and studying Psychology. I’ve walked these 2 paths separately, until they started coming closer and closer together.

Since 2004 I’ve worked as a trainer, mostly focusing in soft skills. My professional path brought me through human resources consulting, training organisation and facilitation, experience design, event management, project management, and game design.

My first class as a dance teacher was in 2000. For circa 20 years I taught social dances, mostly ballroom and salsa, and I’ve learned many more partner dances, like tango or kizomba. In 2017 I came across Biodanza, which was the first step into free dance.

In the last years I’ve added to my skills embodiment and dance practices such as Social Presencing Theater, embodiment coaching and Holistic Dance (includes Attention through Movement, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement).