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moving with ana offers learning journeys designed to promote collective transformation, starting from individual inner development.

Combining knowledge from psychology, dance and movement pedagogy, neuroscience, game design and experience design, these journeys invite the participants to connect with themselves and others, and to lead a more embodied life.

The programs use a combination of tools with big focus on Social Presencing Theater, Authentic Movement, Holistic Dance, and embodiment training.

We play, we walk, we dance.

We stand, we sit and lie down.

We pay attention to ourselves and others. a

We write, we paint, we talk.

We breathe, we see, we listen.

We sense, we move, we transform.

31.08. – 21.09.2022

19:00 – 21:00



09:00 – 10:00

Talent Garden

Learning journeys

personal growth

Connect with your intuition, find new ways of relating, practice self-regulation and bring lightness to your daily life.

Photo: ©Ana Bernardes

professional growth

Being more embodied at work, dealing with emotions, promoting team bonding or accessing new insights and solutions.

Photo: ©Laurent Ziegler

Hi! I’m Ana, I’d like to invite you for a journey, accessing body wisdom through movement, awareness and connection!


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