moving with ana



I invite you on a journey towards inner leadership!

By accessing your body wisdom through movement, body awareness and human connection, you will feel more connected with yourself, improve the quality of your relationships and rediscover creativity,


I design learning journeys that promote collective transformation, starting from inner leadership.

Creating spaces that promote curiosity, compassion and courage to explore, I invite you to take new perspectives or approaches and to let your inner wisdom be expressed through the body before you start giving it meaning.

In private or professional contexts, we’re all human beings interacting with other human beings. My goal is to support people to (re)connect with their inner leadership and to live life with wholeness, congruence and flexibility.


These learning journeys combine knowledge from psychology, dance and movement pedagogy, neuroscience, game design and experience design. The combination of these methods aims to develop somatic awareness and non-linear thinking.


Personal Development – Art – Nature – Spirituality – Conscious Business


The journeys are designed to promote inner leadership based on wholeness, flexibility and congruence. The art of listening to oneself and to the field around us is at the core of the work.

When we let things move within us, and gain expression outside. We make the invisible visible. We acknowledge its shape, rhythm, and force.

Moving from within is being in a dance between our essence and the world. A dialogue between what is alive within and what we perceive outwards.

We listen, see, taste and smell the world with every cell of our body. And we let our inner landscape be awakened, our spirit be touched and our wounds be healed in this dance of body, mind and soul.

Does it sound too vague or poetic? The language of the body is not always adjusted to the demands of our logical minds.

If you’re intrigued, contact me!

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