WILD – first in-person session!

18th February in Vienna

On the 18th of February, join me for the first in-person session of WILD!

In this first session, we invite the qualities of the wild woman.

How does the wild woman archetype relate to inner leadership?

“Within every woman, there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.”

in “Women who run with the wolves”

Develop yourself as a leader starting from inner leadership through a process of self-awareness, self-care, self-responsibility, and self-actualization.

embody the female leader

The traditional leadership model is based on male energy characteristics (yang). Often based on strength, power, directness, and competition, this type of leadership is often lacking balance with qualities such as empathy, trust, and flow.

For women, embodying the leader often means having to go beyond the limiting beliefs that we still carry concerning the “wounded feminine”.

WILD aims to integrate male and female qualities in leadership and the flexibility to use them both.

develop the inner witness

When days go by without a moment when you pay attention to yourself, from how you feel, to what you sense, and even to what you think, it’s as if you have put yourself on auto-pilot.

On one hand, you lose track of your motivations and beliefs, and on the other hand, you’re not able to identify your own emotions or sensations when they happen, detaching you from others and from what you are doing.

WILD uses the ability to pay attention as a tool to become more conscious and present with ourselves and others.

lead the inner team

Leadership holds 2 dimensions. One is directed outward and relates to how we manage our work and our teams. The other one relates to an inner dimension inside each one of us. Independently of having a leadership role or not, this is a dimension that we can all relate to.

WILD focuses on leading the inner parts we are made of, developing this skill through a balance of our abilities to think, feel and act.

This is for you if…

you feel the need to rediscover yourself as a female leader: you grew up in an environment where leadership was associated with the yang energy, and you’d like to balance it with yin qualities such as receptiveness, stillness, and flow;

you’d like to find new ways of leading yourself and relating with others: you understand that to express a different presence in the world you need to rediscover yourself, by yourself, and in relation;

you’re unsatisfied with the balance between male and female energy within you; you’re willing to look at your patterns of acting, feeling, and thinking and open to change;

you’d like to grow in a setting that provides you guidance, and not answers; you recognize the benefit to have a clear structure for your development process, where answers are discovered by yourself;

you understand body, mind, and spirit as interrelated dimensions of yourself; you are willing to explore tools that integrate these 3 dimensions;

you’re currently emotionally and physically stable; if you have been diagnosed with any mental health issues, or you have physical limitations, please contact me directly before registering.

You can expect…

… a team of experts who will hold the program and support your experience and your development;

… a combination of knowledge from psychology, dance and movement, experience design, neuroscience, and game design;

… learning tools that you can use for self-regulation, meditation, or to access your intuitive knowledge and creativity, promoting non-linear thinking;

… a safe container and playful exploration for deep topics;

… transformational journeys developed as rituals that will connect you to yourself, to others, and to the world/ nature;

… a combined experience of experiential opportunities and sharing circles.

WILD includes different formats, from individual sessions, in-person short sessions, or small retreats to 12-week journeys.

A WILD journey (12 weeks) includes…

group sessions

online sessions + in-person

  • Ceremonies: 6 online 2-hours group sessions over 3 months;
  • Sharing circles: 6 online 2-hours group sessions over 3 months;
  • 3 days in-person retreat;
  • weekly practice: 1-hour session.

individual sessions

online sessions or in-person

  • 2 individual 1,5-hour sessions over 3 months or in the following 3 months.

self-paced practices

access to audio files and guides for practising at your own pace

guests extra inputs

5 online sessions by guest experts with inputs on topics such as:

  • mindfulness;
  • self-care;
  • radical honesty;
  • yin yoga;
  • dance improvisation.

Hosted by…

Ana Bernardes

Ana has a degree in Psychology and is trained in Holistic Dance, Social Presencing Theater, and Embodiment coaching, which she combines with her experience of working in Business Consulting, Corporate Training, Experience, and Game Design, as well as years of experience teaching social dances.

and the guest team:

Ana Castro

psychology, mindfulness

Clémentine Antier

holistic dance

Hannah Schrems

radical honesty

Sophie Moriggi


Vanessa Heibel