A one day experience that supports you in getting in touch with what inside of you wants to flourish, and what is preventing you from manifesting in its full power.

Inhibition: a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

What strategies do you use to hide away from manifesting your pure being?

We often inhibit our own potential of growth by letting old (obsolete) strategies take over.

Especially in moments like now, when taking care of our own inner world easily gets placed in second place (or much further down the scale), it becomes even more necessary to create safe spaces where we can look at what is underneath the layers we show to the world.


The day will be powered by essential oils. Their energy will strengthen your intention of letting the true movement arise within you. We will be using several oils, one for each part of the process, thus exploring their movement in us and our movement in the common space in response.


Based on a U journey (Theory U), the workshop is guided using Social Presencing Theater, Authentic Movement, Holistic Dance and Meditation, as well as expressive arts. The methods will support a process of release of what is inhibiting us individually and collectively.


Expressing authentically, or even connecting to what we are actually feeling in each moment requires conditions of psychological safety. In the everyday life, we create layers of protection not only to avoid showing others what is emerging inside of us, but also to distract us from looking at it, when we believe that we can’t deal with it. Our goal is to offer a space where we can take at least a glimpse at what wants to be seen. A space built on trust. A space to connect to our essence inspired by essential oils.

with Paola Bortini

For more than 25 years Paola has been strengthening people and organisations throughout Europe in liminal phases, especially inviting them to find sustainable ways to regenerate their sense of purpose and energies. After the degree on Social Sciences and the Master, Paola has dived into ways to integrate awareness of presence and natural solutions for wellbeing. At the center of her methodological approach is the combination of Mindfulness and Pure Essential oils applied to everyday life. Trained in Social Presencing Theater, Aromatherapy, in Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindful Compassionate Parenting as well as in Aromatouch technique. Paola offers group and one to one sessions as Emotion Mentor Coach, courses on Mindful Self-Compassion and direct selling of pure essential oils.

  • In person
  • 1 day
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TRaum14 – Hauptstraße 29, 1140 Vienna

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