Explore the connection to your inner knowing through body awareness, conscious movement and human connection.

“It takes courage to listen to your inner knowing … But once you hear that knowing, making a decision becomes fairly easy.”

Joseph Jaworski, Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

Can you recognise when you’re moving from an inner impulse? When it becomes obvious what your next step is aligned with your essence?

The ability to pause and listen to the connection between body and mind, both for the purpose of awareness (of self and others) and for self-regulation is fundamental these days.

In “moving from within”, we give space to what wants to be seen through body awareness, conscious movement and relational practices. We connect to this place of inner knowing, that takes in consideration our self-awareness, but also the ability to sense the field.

Inner knowing, intuition, source, … or maybe you have another word for it. We have all experienced moments when we just know what to do. It’s almost like a transition from “I am moving” to “I am being moved”.

By practicing this skill in a safe environment, we’re rewiring our brains, creating new neural pathways that we will access during our daily lives when this ability is necessary.

Where in your life can you move with that authenticity and clarity? What are the challenges? What do we need, in order to have the right setting and mindset to trust this inner knowing?

We take some slow steps exploring these questions, and practice the art of making a true movement, as Arawana Hayashi calls it in Social Presencing Theater.


“In Ana’s Movement Sessions you find a unique space to explore the playfulness and wisdom of your body and soul. I consider myself a „mind“ person and I didn’t expect that my body could be a place of wisdom. Ana provided an engaging, liberating and powerful space that allowed me to explore unknown territory – my body. I discovered much more than I expected and in every session I learned something new – deep but still light and playful. I highly recommend working with Ana if you want to rediscover yourself and your body through movement – something we all should do!”

Konstantin Mitgutsch

The session uses a combination of tools from Social Presencing Theater, Holistic Dance, Authentic Movement. These tools explore body awareness, movement and human connection as steps for personal development.

  • In person
  • 4 – 16 people
  • 2 hours weekly
Next dates:
  • August 31
  • September 7, 14 and 21

19:00 – 21:00

  • 1 session: 25,00€
  • 4 sessions: 80,00€

Trial session: 15€

If you’d like to suggest other exchanges, please specify in the registration form.


Photo: © Ana Bernardes