An experiential introduction to embodiment and an exploration of how bringing awareness to the body-mind connection can support you at work.

“Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work.”


When, for many of us, our jobs invite us to sit down and look at a screen for 8 hours a day, bringing the body back to work is a compelling need. We only use a reduced part of our body and our senses, and we rely on our minds to do most of the work.

This dissociation affects not only our physical well-being, but also other abilities, such as feeling and expressing emotions, connecting with others and with our purpose, or being creative. There’s a whole body intelligence, which we can all access, but that we’re neglecting.

What to expect?

In this short session, we will focus on the following questions:

– What’s embodiment?

– How does it feel to be embodied at work?

– What changes in and around you when you’re embodied?


Basing our inner discovery in archetypes (patterns of instinctual behaviour) we start to get in touch with how our parts think and behave and to understand their values and beliefs.

In this session you will explore Jungian archetypes and learn embodied exercises that you can afterwards use to connect with each archetype by yourself or with your team in your day-to-day work.


Combining knowledge from psychology, dance and movement pedagogy, neuroscience and experience design, the program is designed to promote transformation, starting from individual awareness.

The sessions use a combination of tools from Theory U and Social Presencing Theater, Authentic Movement, Holistic Dance, and Embodiment Coaching.


up to 16 participants

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The goal is to build an embodied understanding of what is needed and what is emerging at each moment. By connecting to one’s own felt sense, we are opening the door for deeper transformation of the system.

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