A 8 weeks program to reconnect to work with authenticity, wholesome and aligned with one’s own purpose.

“Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work.”


Work can be the space where we find our purpose and community, and simultaneously be the source of (inner) conflicts, stress and discomfort.

If there is a context we can’t really change directly, we often have the choice to start change from within ourselves. This process needs that we pause and take a look at what is not working well for us.

  • Are we constantly going into the same stressful situations?
  • What is triggering our automatic behaviours, and which patterns can we see in our reactions?
  • How is work influencing other areas of our lives, and vice.versa?


Combining knowledge from psychology, dance and movement pedagogy, neuroscience and experience design, the program is designed to promote transformation, starting from individual awareness.

The sessions use a combination of tools from Theory U and Social Presencing Theater, Authentic Movement, Holistic Dance, and Embodiment Coaching.

Through these tools, the participants improve their ability to be aware of their bodies, emotions and thoughts not only in the sessions, but also in their daily lives. These tools focus not only on the individual practice, but also in the relational context, including spaces for reflection and sharing circles in the group


  • finding a sense of alignment with oneself and with one’s purpose;
  • having a better sense of what values and beliefs are motivating action; 
  • improving relationships and communication;
  • noticing where one feels stuck, and what is holding that stuck;
  • identifying in an early stage when we start lacking balance, and learning how to recalibrate our nervous system
  • becoming aware of what creates trust, and allows for being authentic and whole;
  • reducing stress impact.
  • up to 16 participants
  • can take place with a specific team
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Online or in person

The goal is to build an embodied understanding of what is needed and what is emerging at each moment. By connecting to one’s own felt sense, we are opening the door for deeper transformation of the system.

3 Modules


Emotions live in the body. To develop emotional intelligence we need to learn how to recognise the physiological changes and how they relate to our narratives.


Cultivating a state of inner balance and applying it in the connection with oneself and others requires regular practice.



There’s a source of creativity inside each one of us. By connecting to our unconscious through somatics and movement, we are able to access new insights and ideas, finding alternative solutions.

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