DEEP PHOTO – guided journey

A guided journey with meditation, dance, and creative expression captured in images.

For many people, being photographed is not comfortable. The moment that a camera shows up, there’s the impulse to pose, perform and look good, which ends up looking anything but authentic.

There’s simultaneously a longing for and a fear of being seen in all that is present. Letting go of masks, connecting with what’s deep within.

DEEP PHOTO is a guided journey, where I invite 1 to 4 people to meditate, dance, express themselves and find connection. At the same time, I document the journey within from the outside, with my camera.

No judgments, no need to look a certain way, and smile. Just a raw witnessing of what emerges.

What does it look like?

First, we find the topic of our session together, and the potential tools used in the guided journey… We define the timing and location, preferably in nature and daylight.


arrival and check-in ritual, welcoming also the camera


following a prearranged playlist, we start the journey by connecting within


let our thoughts and emotions be expressed through movement


ending circle

The guided journeys use a combination of tools from Social Presencing Theater, Holistic Dance, Meditation, and Authentic Movement.

  • 1 to 4 people
  • 3 hours (ca. 1-1,5 hours journey)

arranged individually


300,00€ (variable, depending on the final arrangement)

Package includes the selection, post-production and copyright release of all images that are handed over



OTHER PROJECTS: visual documentation of Bliss Planet (April 2022)