10 minutes a day can make a difference in (re)connecting with yourself.

The end of the year reminds me of new beginnings. 2021 was so full of (re)learnings concerning how I relate to my body, that I when I reached the end of the year I decided to go through 20 days of (re)connection, dedicating one day to a different body part or quality of movement. I’d like to share that with you!

It’s a mix of a reflection and a preparation for the arrival of the new. And, if done with more people, also a sense of being together on our journeys.

The invitation:

During 20 days I share a different simple guidance of movement/ attention and a link to a song. Fitting for everyone, doesn’t need any previous experience or special skills as dancers.

At some point during the day, you start a timer for 5 minutes, and explore the guidance of the day, and then listen/dance to the song.

After you finish, you share a photo and/or a word in the chat. If you skip a day (or more…), nothing happens 🙂 Just keep joining the next day!

To access the chat, you can join one of these links:

This is a free program offered by Ana Bernardes.

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Next dates:

20 days

Next dates to be announced

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The program is donation based.