Learning journeys that combine knowledge from psychology, movement pedagogy, somatics, neuroscience and experience design to support human workplaces.

We’re in the middle of a shift in the workplace towards self-management and more organic structures. To be able to engage with that, organizations need to support their employees to be more self-aware, communicate consciously, and include non-linear thinking in solutions finding.


#organisationaldevelopment #hybrid #creativity

Learn the tools in small workshops, and apply them to your projects. Use awareness-based methods to use non-linear thinking and find new solutions for your challenges!

#organisationaldevelopment #group #teamdevelopment

An experiential introduction to embodiment and an exploration of how bringing awareness to the body-mind connection can support you at work.

#personal development #organisationaldevelopment #hybrid

Develop yourself as a leader starting from inner leadership through a process of self-awareness, self-care, self-responsibility, and self-actualization.

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