Supporting organisational development through individual growth promotes:

finding a sense of alignment with oneself and with the organisation;

having a better sense of what values and beliefs are motivating action; 

improving relationships and communication within teams;

raising leadership consciousness;

promoting purposeful and intentional actions;

creating psychological safety in the workplace, where people can trust, be authentic and whole;

reducing stress impact;

getting new insights or perspectives.

The goal is to build an embodied understanding of what is needed and what is emerging at each moment. By connecting to one’s own felt sense, we are opening the door for deeper transformation of the system.

“Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work.”


Is your workplace a space where everyone can bring all of who they are?

New organisational structures that promote agility, flexibility and alignment with the organisational purpose require breaking down the dissociation often felt in the workplace and connecting to the humanness in each individual.

When implementing these systems, employees and teams are invited to step into new roles for which they don’t have reference points, creating adaptation challenges and a need for relearning.

Which measures do you have in place in order to promote wholeness and authenticity in your teams?

For these organisational changes to be successful they need to be accompanied by internal changes of the individuals, creating new inner structures from where they can operate and find purpose in.