Social Presencing Theater

SPT – the art of making a true move

Social Presencing Theater invites us to tap into our natural creativity and ability to fully embody the “performance” of being human. My intention with this work is to offer movement practices that support people in recognising their own and others’ embodied wisdom, compassion, and courage to act.

Arawana Hayashi, in Social Presencing Theater

Arawana Hayashi brought her embodied presence techniques into Theory U, and this arm of the Presencing Institute has been evolving as a social art.

It has a big influence from dance improvisation, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue, and open space.

The word theater is here used as the “place of enactment of significant events or actions”. It’s a place for the system to see itself.

Social refers both to the social body – a group of people – and social field – the relationships between the people.

There are a set of practices which are performed individually, in duets, or in groups with different dimensions. Examples of the practices:

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Theory U

“Leading from the future as it emerges” is the core essence from Theory U.

The U Journey requires a succession of steps that bring us closer to our source of knowing by suspending voices of judgement, cynicism and fear. The ability of presencing (presence + sensing) is essencial in order to sense the emerging future and act from that space of knowing.

MIT senior lecturer Otto Scharmer and his colleagues have been developing this change framework for over 20 years.

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