Nothingness leads the way

Some years ago, when noticing the practices to which I felt drawn, I noticed that they all had one thing in common: they invited me to step into nothingness.

Social Presencing Theater, Heartfulness Meditation and Authentic Movement are all based on the invitation to step into nothingness. And this idea of nothingness, not as a place of nothing, but as a place of all possibilities has stayed with me and inspired me to trust it as a source of balance and creativity.

This concept is present in many traditions and philosophies, with this, or other names.

Today I’m sharing a quote from the book “Intimacy in Emptiness”, on Authentic Movement. It refers to Janet Adler, founder of the discipline of Authentic Movement, and her experience with “emptiness”.

“Janet uses the term “emptiness” to refer to a direct or non-dual experience of the larger field of awareness, “transcending and embracing both emptiness and fullness.” Janet also refers to “stepping into the emptiness” as an embodied act of entering this infinite field of potentiality, a mystery, a field encompassing that which is not yet known.”

From “Intimacy in Emptiness”, Janet Adler; Bonnie Morrissey; Paula Sager,
Do you relate to this concept? How do you step into nothingness/ emptiness and what does it mean to you?

(photo taken in Gara Medouar, Morocco. The Sahara Desert is the first geographic location that comes to my mind, where I most felt this nothingness all around me.)