Looking for teams!

Would you like to offer your team a 2 hours experience to promote bonding and trust?

I’m looking for 3 teams between 4 and 12 people to test a workshop based on body awareness, movement and interpersonal connection.

Sharing the workplace with strangers is still present for many people. However, more and more evidence shows that teams work better when they can trust each other and relate beyond the professional layer, reducing the walls around themselves.

This is a small experience of 2 (up to 3) hours, which is based on body awareness, movement and inter-bodily resonance, and uses conscious communication practices.

Goal: offer the participants a shared experience of connection with themselves and with the team, promoting trust and bonding in a playfulness setting.

I’ll offer this experience to
– 1 team in Vienna;
– 1 team in Portugal;
– 1 team online.

Let me know if you’re interested and what your setting would be, via ana@movingwithana.com