November moves

As the end of the year arrives, bringing colder days and the wish for coziness, November brings the invitation to take part of some experiences from home.

Photo by Christine Fabi


It’s online, 1 hour long, and brings you the possibility to celebrate your mind-body-soul connection through conscious movement and embodied presence.

Once a week in English and once in Portuguese! Free donation

Photo by Hugo da Cunha Freitas

Moving from within

A program designed to connect to the source of inner knowing, so that we can bring intuition to the foreground in our lives.

In Vienna, Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening. You can join for the 1st session only, or for the full set of 3.

Photo by Ana Bernardes

Embodied emotions@Work

What’s embodiment? How does it relate to emotions? In this info webinar, we will make a first dive into understanding the role of the body in emotions, and how developing our body awareness can impact how we perceive and deal with them.

The session will take place twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Photo by Ana Bernardes


Combining Psychology with Movement, Balance Matters is designed to support a state of inner balance. In can be booked as a program for teams to find new accesses to balance themselves as a group, starting from individual awareness.

The session will be a sneak peak into what it may look like, this time for anyone to join.

You can contact me if you have questions, or register here.