“Does my body know more about me than I do?”

The first time I had this thought was in September 2016. I was in the trial for a workshop called Superpowers Discovery Sessions, by Konstantin Mitgutsch and Lena Robinson. At the end of that day, going through several steps, we were invited to make a statue out of our bodies that would represent our superpowers. And there I was, wondering why my body was showing me that specific shape. It wasn’t even that I had doubts of what it meant. I just had no clue why I had ended up there. It was not something I would have answered in words, had anyone asked me. Asking to friends and work colleagues, I was surprised that this superpower was not at all coming to them as a surprise. They were just not understanding why I would be surprised by something that was so obvious to them. And for my body. 

Integrating body wisdom

Jumping some years and several surprising “body-insights” ahead, I learned that sometimes my deepest insights come from exploring movements and shapes through my body. I’ve also realised that by thinking “my body knows more than I do”, there was an “I”, an identity, that not only felt dissociated from the body , but was also in this inner competition to see who knows more! 

The years of self-exploration and curiosity brought 2 big areas of my life together. In hindsight, it almost feels like a sign that I’ve started my studies in Psychology and my dancing classes exactly at the same time. And after having lived and explored them as 2 different entities for more than 20 years, the bridge in between feels like home. 

“What do you do now?”

I haven’t found an easy way to explain it. I want to give others the opportunity to explore this awareness of living in a body, but also as a body. I celebrate the wisdom I find through awareness and movement, and the possibilities it opened up for me to be able to sense the world in and outside of my body, to explore and connect, to learn and transform. 

A combination of sensingmoving, and transforming has made the verb being a much wider universe for me, where I believe we all can:

  • Find a deeper and subtle connection with ourselves;
  • Transform stories imprinted in our conscious and/or unconscious memories, that often shape our behaviours and beliefs;
  • Develop awareness in our relationships and our ways of communicating;
  • Connect with different sources of creativity;
  • Express from an inner knowing;
  • Create our lives with gentleness and confidence, in relation with others and the world.  

It’s not a work of providing answers or solutions. It’s a work of exploration in a safe environment. Of practice and experimentation. Of openness to the unknown, the silence, the emptiness. Of playfulness and curiosity. 

If it’s still not clear what I mean…

I leave you with the words of Konstantin, 5 years after he himself arose this question in me, after he attended my own trial workshop: 

“In Ana’s Movement Sessions you find a unique space to explore the playfulness and wisdom of your body and soul. I consider myself a „mind“ person and I didn’t expect that my body could be a place of wisdom. Ana provided an engaging, liberating and powerful space that allowed me to explore unknown territory – my body. I discovered much more than I expected and in every session I learned something new – deep but still light and playful. I highly recommend working with Ana if you want to rediscover yourself and your body through movement – something we all should do!”

Wanna know what the Superpower I found out in 2016 was? Creating spaces where others can grow!