A 1:1 session is a self-discovery session where all the focus is on you and your needs!


In a 20 minutes online call, we access how fitting it is for us to work together. There, we can clarify all the questions you may have about the process.

1st session-90 minutes

it’s up to you to bring the topics that you’d like to explore. The case may be a clear question or a general area in your life you’d like to look into.

In this journey of self-discovery, I’ll assist you by bringing external inputs and leading the experimentation.


The sessions are based on somatic awareness, embodiment and movement, but also on conscious communication. We use different tools, especially from Social Presencing Theater, Authentic Movement, Holistic Dance and Embodiment Coaching.

When people are not familiar with the tools, it’s recommended to plan at least 3 sessions in order to best benefit from their potential,


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In 1:1 sessions, we first define the topic we’re going to be focusing on and then use embodiment, movement and somatic practices to explore it further.

Location: Vienna, Portugal (24th Feb – 8th March), or online

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Develop yourself as a leader starting from inner leadership through a process of self-awareness, self-care, self-responsibility, and self-actualization.

1:1 sessions specific to the topic of Women’s Inner Leadership Development

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A guided journey with meditation, dance, and creative expression captured in images.

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